, Oct 07, 16

About Andrew Kennedy

Another advertising week has come and gone. 280 events, 11,000+ delegates, 270 seminars/workshops, 1,217 speakers in 7 buildings in 4 days. Regardless to say, it was a great time. With Advertising Week came many ideas and thoughts left to sit with us over the next year. The future was a huge theme within most sessions– where are we now, where are we going? There’s so much happening right now and only more to come, here are a few trends we can expect to see in the near future according to the speakers of Advertising Week.

1. Mobile – As mobile has consistently proven to be a channel where users spend a great portion of time we have also seen shifts in media focus and spend. Mobile continues to claim a majority of revenue but in a world with intrusive and distractive ads, how can advertisers engage users with minimum agitation? Ideas proposed during Advertising Week include: mobile messaging apps, creative, and cross-device ID.

2. Omnichannel – The coming of Omnichannel is imminent! Over the last couple years there has been a lot of buzz around omnichannel. Advertisers are distributing their media spend across multiple channels and are missing key opportunities to connect with users. Omnichannel programmatic platform allows advertisers spend the same amount without limiting any specific channel by allotted budget.

3. Video – You would have to be blind not to see this one coming. Video is the next big thing! TV is no longer the primary source of visual entertainment. With online streaming sites and apps users can stream “TV content” on their computer, tablets, and mobile devices. This shift in viewing source demands  advertisers to adjust their video strategies.

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