, Apr 29, 15

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Who is this?


That’s right. It’s Kate Middleton. Kate Middleton has just become pregnant with the future heir to the throne of the United Kingdom.

A spectacular topic for ad revenue, as it’s currently the top news topic on the world’s most read online news website, the Daily Mail (incidentally, one of our clients).

Who would advertise around this news topic? Anyone selling baby products, or nausea remedies, or pregnancy wear. That sort of thing.

But how would you go about targeting pages like this in RTB? Let’s see.

Load up Grapeshot Keywords (this is how it looks in AppNexus’s RTB Console), and click ‘Create Channel’.


Let’s get down to business!


After this, we just click ‘Create Channel’ at the bottom right.

Here are the keywords in our channel. And there are the suggestions, on the right-hand side. Easy.


It’s making some fairly good suggestions already. Drag and drop, or type more words, until you’re satisfied. I’m going to stick with this for now.

I wonder what kind of AppNexus RTB inventory it’s matching? Let’s check. Click ‘Matches’ at the top of the channel.



Pretty refined. I suppose the last thing to do is check the new channel’s coverage. In the time it took me to type this paragraph, Grapeshot Keywords has already updated to show me a forecast of the channel’s coverage.

10.7 million impressions on royal baby stories available per day. Not too shabby.
Have fun!

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