, Jul 05, 16

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The 2016 Summer Olympics will be the most connected Olympics in history! This is pretty

impressive considering the 2014 Sochi Olympics was streamed across 155 websites and 75 apps

live. With the recent advances in programmatic, brands are possibly on the horizon of the

greatest opportunity to connect with audiences globally. Marketers are aware of the

opportunity that lies before them and are thinking of the best ways to utilize this collective

global movement.


During the 2014 Olympics, there were many opportunities for marketers to capitalize on live

events. The trick here is that it requires instant action to achieve optimal results. Here lies the

silver lining for programmatic advertising. Fortunately, the beauty of programmatic is rooted

in its capability for instantaneous action. Programmatic provides the ability to reach specific

audiences across devices based on time, location, and other demographic attributes. Simply

put, campaigns can be launched and implemented on the fly.


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