, Nov 08, 16

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Huffington post article is a first out of series of columns from Ready State, that are designed to help fellow marketers understand how AI will impact everything we do.

The writers are trying to understand the impact this “unknown field” has on their marketing efforts. They focus on machine learning’s near-term effect on marketing, which is greatly under-appreciated, in terms of both opportunity and threat.

The main reason is that with endless possibilities this technology holds comes a big fear of the unknown. The writers describe 3 phases. The first phase of the technology will substitute repetitive, calculation-like activities. In media, there is a lot of mechanical lifting to replace; that’s why programmatic advertising is already machine learning’s first impact crater. The next phase is augmentation and modification. In this stage, machines are able to recognize when the content itself is the problem. The last phase of the process is defined by the authors as “redefinition” in which will have creative functions knowing what content works best but also how to create content that works. In this phase, the biggest fear described by the writers is being replaced by machines who will do their jobs better.

So how does it all play in GS? We  look to break down the phases to small digestible well worth functions for our clients. Just like when my mother agrees to get her a new phone so she could see the pictures of her grandchildren, we focus on specific needs that AI could help you with and not the overall “everyone’s doing it!”.

Currently, this field is at worst unknown or simply misunderstood from the marketers view. However, like every trust-building move consumers need to have a step by step plan that will take under consideration both early and late adopters of the AI technology.

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