, Apr 04, 18

About Anthony Pace


Grapeshot’s Analytics suite is the perfect planning and reporting tool in a world where cookies and spurious audience targeting methodologies are not enough. We help brands discover the trends and content that impact their consumers and the ability to target the very context that make up the insight.

With the well-documented pressure placed on agencies by consultancies and the brands that they represent, coupled with the incoming GDPR legislation and scrutiny on how advertising dollars are spent, the need for proof and evidence throughout the media buying chain has never been greater.

Black box technology has created a lack of transparency and an erosion of trust in the industry, as brands and consumers are frustrated by the poor experience they have of online advertising. Simply put, it is time to reconnect the data used to identify the opportunity to advertise with the delivery of the message.


  • Full transparency into the size of each segment, as well as how related scale evolves. Compare segments to build the best possible campaign for your objectives based on real-time contextual intelligence.
  • Understand the impact of brand safety segments on scale, as well as opportunities to replace lost inventory with new targeting tactics.
  • Evaluation tool that breaks down campaign performance based on the context of where the advert appeared. Performance broken down into KPIs that can then be used to optimize the campaign as it evolves.
  • Forecasting tools with full transparency into segment volumes. Compare segments to build and optimize for best possible results based on real-time contextual intelligence.


  • Planning – Provides the scale of each segment, as well as when those segments have the most amount of URLs available to inform campaign flight timings.
  • Evidence – Understand the scale of Grapeshot’s targeting capability, utilize categorised segments as campaign targeting segments.
  • Evaluate – Insight into the best performing segments and keywords to help you better understand the context with which your campaign advertisement apperared against, and which context best delivered the most relevant message.


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