, Jul 22, 16

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The Asia Pacific region is expected to overtake North America this year as the world’s biggest market for digital advertising spend, according to a report from Strategy Analytics.

Digital ad spend across APAC is expected to rise 18.2% in 2016 and be worth $59.7 billion. In North America it will rise 9.6% to $59.5 billion.

APAC’s digital growth is being driven by China, which will see digital advertising spend increase 25.1% this year to $22.4 billion. China is the world’s second biggest country for digital spend, behind the U.S. ($55.6 billion). Together, these two countries will account for 44% of global digital ad spend, the report says.

Total global digital ad spend will reach $177 billion this year, making up almost a third (32%) of total advertising spend at $560 billion. That will rise to $678 billion by 2021, when digital spend will account for 40% of total ad spend.

Spend per capita

North America spends the most per person on digital advertising spend at $165 per person, followed by Western Europe ($95). APAC’s huge population puts digital advertising spend per person at $15.

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