, Jul 07, 16

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It’s no secret ad blocking is a big issue in the realm of ad tech. How do publishers deal with ad blockers? What is the cost of ad blocking? The questions seem to never end. However, research is now suggesting that by 2020 ad revenues will be down 10%, and we can thank our ad blocking friends.

Main reasons for using ad blockers? Well, it solves a lot of users’ issues like:

-Hefty page loading times
-Poor user experience

Many times, users simply feel creeped out when faced with ads that match their browsing history. And sometimes ads targeting the user’s behavior do not even match the current content.

Publishers still debate what the solution is for this issue. Block the ad blockers? This, however, can create tension. Other folks look to educate their consumers as they emphasize the connection between ads revenues and paying for, creating, and maintaining great content. Read the article now…


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