, Apr 02, 18

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How the Grapeshot Contextual Intelligence Platform Powers Brand Safety

The internet isn’t one size fits all, and with the evolving nature of content, not every web page is going to provide a safe and relevant environment for your messages to appear. Brand safety continues to be a pervasive industry concern, and when it comes to brand reputation, good enough protection, just isn’t. Grapeshot enables both safety and relevancy at scale – across display, mobile and video.

So how do brands stay safe and ensure their overall equity while continuing to reach their audiences in a relevant and meaningful way? Grapeshot real-time Contextual Intelligence Platform enables advertisers to move from cautious to confident when placing valuable dollars in the programmatic environment.

Generic USP(s):

  • Page-Level – We don’t block based on the domain, our technology reads and analyzes all the words on the page to understand the true context of the page. This allows brands avoids risky content, with minimum impact on scale.
  • Pre-Bid – Don’t waste budget winning bids on unsafe content. Grapeshot will filter out the wrong environments before you even bid on it.
  • Customizable – Don’t just avoid the content unsafe for everyone, but also the contexts that pose unique risk to your brand.


  • Grapeshot technology interprets the context of a web page (e.g – breaking news article, product review) and identifies if the page is safe enough for you to bid on.
  • Grapeshot offers both a standard view of safety in addition to a custom solution that is tailored to the unique risk tolerance and needs of your brand.
  • Grapeshot understandings the core content on the page to understand it in its desired context. Through this unique page-level understanding we are able to avoid negative content without blocking safe and relevant pages.


  • Bid only on content in brand-safe environments.
  • Build custom segments for personalized page level protection.
  • Crawl content in real-time for rapid response.
  • Target safety and relevant consumer touch-points.
  • Minimise post-bid spend.


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