, Feb 14, 17

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Love is in the air and consumers are showering their loved ones with gifts and extra affection. With Valentine’s Day upon us, you may be wondering how you’re going to run the most effective campaigns that break the mold in the way Valentine’s Day and many other campaigns typically target audiences. Valentine’s Day spending has been on the rise for the past few years and consumer spending is expected to be a record high boosted by increased digital sales. According to stats from Bing, Valentine’s Day presents a huge opportunity, after an estimated $19.55 billion was spent last year (and an average of $145 per person) on gifts and experiences ranging from flowers, jewelry, clothes, vacations, and of course-chocolates!

What if you could make advertising attractive? Just like the hopeless romantics anticipating how to show their love and appreciation for that special someone in their lives, advertisers are anticipating how to impress with new and exciting ways to reach audiences. Just like big romantic gestures, you’ve got to put effort into it.

Being contextual is essential for modern brands to connect. However, the world is constantly changing, people, their opinions, and their interests are changing in an instant. The question is how do advertisers find hot trending content attractive enough to win their target audience attention and spark engagement this year?

It’s time to think big! Don’t run the risk of missing out on untapped potential that each holiday and event brings. Use predictive technology to keep the romance alive when putting together your strategies. Be in the heart of the conversation and reach a larger global audience across devices. Predictive technology should be used this with each campaign to monitor more than 50,000 social conversations and predict what content will be trending up to 72 hours in advance. During the US Presidential election monitoring, social media feeds proved to be more accurate than the most reputable polls which predicted Hillary to win by a landslide.

Digital media is simply too large to be ignored and the fact is, digital streams allow access to far greater audiences. Trending events like Valentine’s Day can take advantage of this shift as we see more and more companies moving toward digital streams. “It is important for advertisers to not only understand the tremendous amount of data involved, as users move to online streams and social media channels but also how to utilize it. In this connected age, monitoring conversations on social media channels is a great way to survey audiences and find out where their interests lie. There is an excess store of information to be accessed online and it comes at little to no cost. Not only are there cost benefits, but it’s a live feed of consumer engagement and reaction that can be acted upon in real-time.” says Malcolm Cox, Marketing Director, Grapeshot.

The proof is in the pudding; last year, Grapeshot predicted Valentine’s audience would be reading and watching reviews about the new date night movie Pride + Prejudice + Zombies. They recommended buying these URLs to drive online sales. CTRs increased by more than double on predictive segment targeting and CPA reduced by 50 percent during the time leading into the intent-based time period.

This year’s predictions show vintage gifts are trending, as well as vintage wedding ideas. Wedding and wedding planning is a huge trend, predicting that this will be hot trending content that valentines lovers will engage in the upcoming months ahead. Make sure your ad is appearing next to content about vintage weddings to build perfect brand harmony.

A few hashtags are also predicted to be in the spotlight, including #relationshipgoals. More people are starting to celebrate the holiday with their friends, family, and even pets. Think less cliché, more culture. Use predictive technology to understand the cultural space in which your brand sits, and the role it can play in relation to that calendar event.

This social media knowledge, paired with the latest predictive technology, can prove to be one of the most valuable tools for advertisers truly looking to champion holidays and events such as Valentine’s day. Advertisers can use predictive technology to track conversation/mentions on some of the biggest social channels such as Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., and have first look at the content that will be trending in the near future. This will give brand’s competitive advantage as they can use live data to maximize results on future gift giving occasions, including Mother’s Day and Easter.

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