, Jul 19, 16

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I’m sure it is not surprising that spend on political advertising is expected to be seven times larger than the last presidential election. Spending is estimated to top a historic 1 billion dollars. Political analysts have identified millennials as the voting group that could have a possible major influence in the 2016 election. Millennials, adults ages 18-34, are a majority of the voter population and unlike the rest of the population, millennials are more likely to view media through internet services. Addressing this large group of voters is better done through digital ad formats.

Here is where programmatic advertising comes in, campaigns will want to target specific users around specific context, and publishers are expected to put their inventory on programmatic platforms to fully take advantage of this.  Programmatic advertising allows clean and careful selection of each impression served, which will, in turn, provide the greatest impact for each campaign. The power of digital advertising’s use in campaigns has been proven previously, in 2012 President Obama spent double the amount as his opposition Mitt Romney on digital advertising.

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