, Sep 09, 16

About grapeshot

DMexco: It can be either a jet lag nightmare for you or very productive. If your company is sending you to Germany, it’s your responsibility to do the work ahead of time, during, and after the conference to make it time and money well-spent. Its a matter of taking into consideration all the things going on and deciding how you want to attack it. DMexco is all about strategy. After all, have you seen the number of companies, parties, and activities you have to chose from?!

Here are our suggestions on how to craft your DMexco strategy:
-Plan a few hours to walk the trade show floor. You will be surrounded by innovation and representation from every end of the planet. Check out the conference program here.
-Download the SummitSync app (iTunes Store or Google Store) to trade contact details with others on the tradeshow floor (think tinder for business)
-Don’t miss the Grapeshot stand party (Wednesday 14 September at 18:30)! We’ll be located at Hall 7.1, Aisle F, Stand Number 031
-Get your fill of Kolsch (the beer in “Koln” aka Cologne in German) while you’re there! It comes in a huge wheel of small glasses so that it can be enjoyed fresh and cold. When you want more, a server will just drop a whole new wheel on the table.
-And make sure to get on the guest list for the unofficial party at the OM Club! We’ll be there all night!

And, you can’t forget to pack some of these essentials:

-Allergy relief & painkillers (to avoid those pesky hangovers)
-Umbrella: Although we’re due to get some sunshine, pack one just in case we get a repeat of last year

Post-DMexco: Give yourself a day or two off if possible. Take your vitamins, get some sleep. Then enter every person you met, every lead you connected with, every opportunity you may have created into Salesforce. Follow up with tracked emails in your marketing automation software and add them on LinkedIn, noting where and when you met them and what you got out of the conversation. There is no value in doing a great job managing your DMexco presence while there and then doing no follow up with all this rich opportunity you have created.

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