, Mar 21, 16

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Last year, agencies were on the edge of their seats. Major brands began taking their programmatic “in house,” and it raised a ton of questions with one leading the pack-are all brands going to yank programmatic from agencies and bring it in house? Fortunately the “trend” is seemingly proving to be short-lived.

So why didn’t it catch fire? In theory, it sounds awesome. Brands get to have control of data, and they avoid high agency fees. What could possibly go wrong? In reality, majority of these brands (with the exception of a select few) simply don’t have the resources to bring programmatic in house and do so effectively. Why?

They are lacking the data that agencies have at their fingertips.
They don’t have the sort of experienced, specialized talent these agencies have.

Programmatic is the norm for agencies. It isn’t even a question of doing it these days but rather how your agency is separating itself from the pack. What do you and your team bring to the table?

At the end of the day, no matter what agency a brand is at, the issues of transparency and viewability are still going to be relevant. Brands can’t afford to handle programmatic without the agencies’ expertise and industry influence. Read the article…

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