, Apr 02, 18

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Getting GDPR Ready

GDPR is set to come into force on May 25th 2018.

The upcoming General Data Protection Regulation will replace existing EU national data protection laws as well as have far reaching, global implications for any business processing an EU citizen’s personal data.

GDPR is refocusing an entire industry on proving their place in a consumer’s busy life by encouraging opt-ins through the delivery of real-time value and relevance.

How can Grapeshot help you today?

Grapeshot is a real-time Contextual Intelligence Platform – helping deliver relevant content and advertising to consumers in the moment.

If you or your company relies on audience data to help you reach, understand, buy, sell or deliver communications to a customer, GDPR will impact how you perform your job and the tools and processes you use to do it.

As a contextual, cookieless provider, Grapeshot is 100% GDPR safe as we do not process personal data, allowing brands to reach audiences at scale without the fear of breaching these new regulations.

Grapeshot is therefore helping individuals across publishers, agencies, brands and ad-tech firms by integrating contextual solutions in their placement of relevant content in front of relevant audiences.


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