Using Words As Currency

We integrate our data into your stack. Many platforms we’re integrated with (like AppNexus, TradeDesk, AOL, MediaMath) have productized our signal to deliver simple, easy to understand datasets. They segment inventory and audiences, for example across 140 billion consumer touch points per day, in real-time programmatic decisioning systems.

Probabilistic Approach

The Grapeshot probabilistic approach is much, much faster than other semantic approaches. This means Grapeshot can offer “real time” data analysis at scale, categorizing billions of impressions instantaneously. This speed enables us to categorize all the URLs we see, giving our customers pre-bid intelligence. This allows complete brand safety with the added advantage that we only offer bids that have already been screened, so you don’t end up paying for bids blocked by content verification.

Here are some example of use cases:

Over 31 languages supported: Western European and English, Northern European, Eastern European and Asia-Pacific.

Grapeshot responds to 7T ad requests per month - about 3M QPS.

We regularly profile and store information on 3.1B pages and mobile apps.

Grapeshot re-crawls over 300M pages per day.

WordRank™ Technology is founded on Information Retrieval science developed at the University of Cambridge.

Grapeshot WordRank™ Technology gives you complete transparency on the factors determining your target segments. Word and phrases influencing the allocation of a URL to any segment is easy to see, share and action. Weights can be seen and modified. With Grapeshot there is no black box and no complicated opaque rules. In the age of “trending” where content becoming popular is fast moving by definition, our algorithm constantly adapts the weights of words and phrases as content and consumer impressions change too. Showing the trending patterns in simple, easy insight tools enables advertisers to access content hot spots, and marketers to unpack fresh consumer insights

Grapeshot puts the advertiser in control.

You can see what drives your results. Our WordRank™ word weights and algorithmic speed enables fast changes to optimize results.