, May 03, 15

About grapeshot

Cadreon NL recently ran a campaign for a high profile bank using Grapeshot on Turn that achieved an uplift in performance five times higher than that achieved through regular prospecting. Here’s how they did it:

The bank targets a specific up-scale audience, interested in sophisticated banking products.

Cadreon wanted an innovative way to communicate with their targeted market at scale. They told us it’s difficult to find large volumes of appropriate content that meet the tight campaign criteria.

They decided to build their own custom keyword category using Grapeshot keyword targeting on Turn. They carefully chose keywords likely to find appropriate content. They also excluded certain keywords, like “libor”, which are indicators of inappropriate content about banking scandals, to keep their campaign super safe.

The highly targeted campaign (thanks to keyword targeting) achieved the scale and performance needed for the campaign’s success, and Cadreon said: “Both the client and ourselves are very happy with the results”.

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