, Mar 08, 17

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For International Women’s Day this year, we asked the women of Grapeshot to #BeBoldForChange and candidly answer questions around women in tech, working at Grapeshot, and advice they have for others forging their way to a “better working world – a more inclusive, gender equal world.”

Why do you think there are so few women in tech?

I am not going to lie, the word “tech” scares me. I can barely change the batteries in my smoke alarm, have 20 tabs open at once, and haven’t backed up my phone in months; how do I work for a tech company?

I don’t think women realize how valuable their unique skills can be to the tech industry. Though I wouldn’t have guessed I would end up working in “tech”, I could have imagined myself working for an innovation company, or a creative company. That is tech! Don’t be afraid of something just because you don’t think you fully understand it. Though you wont see me trying to code any time soon, I am excited to see how the code powering Grapeshot expands my position here every day. This tech makes my job so much more interesting and empowers me to take on new challenges. There is rarely a day that goes by that I don’t say “I don’t know”. However, I am confident that tomorrow I will know a little more that I did the day before.
Nicole BrodeurDirector of Account Management

Do you believe diversity in the industry is changing for the better?

I do, I think there is still a lot of progress to be made, but even in the six or so years when I started in the industry, I feel like there is a noticeable shift towards more women in positions of leadership.
-Kailei Nassar, Senior Account Manager

What has made you so successful in a male dominated industry?

Learning has been a stable part of my journey into martech. Making the effort to expand my knowledge base is not only useful, but is also respected. This is particularly true when it comes to technological advancements. From young I’ve been aware of the impact technology can have on my career. Stay learning as it will help you stay ahead in what is a highly competitive marketplace.
-Lauren Greyson, Senior Marketing Executive, EMEA

What do you like about working for Grapeshot?

The list is endless, seriously. I work with a great group of folks who have a vested interest in seeing each other succeed-the executive team, my team, and my colleagues in other countries. We work together to help each other achieve our goals-both personally and professionally. I love that the organization encourages me to get involved with causes I care about-like gender equality and diversity in the workplace. Through Grapeshot, I’ve been able to join a number of organizations that are really paving the way for such initiatives like AWNY, Women in Wireless, IAB committees-just to name a few.
-Catherine Dummitt, Global Marketing Manager

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