, Apr 04, 16

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When people hear the word “scarcity,” they tend to panic. Run for the hills, full blown hysteria. When it comes to programmatic scarcity, keep calm and carry on. Why? Because the whole media ecosystem is finally coming around. Suppliers are beginning to focus on quality. And marketers- they want the best placed, greatest impact, premium inventory they can get their hands on.

Scale growth has leveled off. You can’t just scoop up a bunch of inventory for dirt cheap…anymore. Quantity is dead, and quality is where it’s at.

So, what brought us here? Well simply put, publishers’ ad server infrastructures couldn’t support what we’re talking about. Enter header bidding. It’s changing the game. It can easily be laid over so to speak the existing technology, and everyone wins. Publishers know the market value of their inventory, and marketers have access to the crème de la crème inventory.

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