, Apr 02, 18

About Anthony Pace

Predictive Targeting

The way that people now consume content has changed, and it’s chaotic. It used to be simple for brands and publishers; create content and distribute it to consumers. Nowadays, consumers are in control. They find what they want, when they want and how they want. Brands and publishers now need to react to changing agendas, rather than setting them.

So how do brands and advertisers get in front of potential customers at the perfect moment, across display, mobile or video, with the confidence that they are targeting the most popular topics and interest according to their audience? How do you stay relevant within this trending environment?

That’s where Grapeshot comes in.


  • Grapeshot technology interprets the context of a web page (e.g – breaking news article, product review) and identifies the strongest associated keywords that are appearing alongside your chosen keywords.
  • These associated keywords are then added to the segment on a daily basis so that we can identify more relevant contexts and inventory for your message.
  • As words become popular, they are added to your targeting on a daily basis, just as they are removed when the conversation moves on and they no longer score highly against your core terms.


  • Extend your campaign reach by targeting audiences in new, trending environments where their engagement and interest is at its peak.
  • Data-driven marketing that automatically updates your targeting segments with the contexts your campaign needs to be seen in, so you don’t have to.
  • Evolve with the content and trends that have the biggest impact on your brand and the audience you are trying to target.
  • Stay ahead of the cost curve by finding high value inventory before demand ramps up the price.


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