, Jun 24, 16

About grapeshot

Last week a couple folks from our NYC Grapeshot team headed to “Advanced Programmatic For Buyers and Sellers” hosted by the IAB. We had a blast learning from them per usual. It was a great opportunity for both sell and buy-side client facing teams.

Everything was discussed; and, we mean everything. We heard how publishers and clients struggle with header bidding, how publishers can leverage programmatic for selling, and different optimization and buying tactics.

There were quite a few topics that really stuck out and were brought up again and again. These included:

-More and more budgets shifting into PMPs and the growing concerns around transparency and control across open exchanges.
-Dynamic creative and the trend towards it becoming the norm
-Programmatic buying being completely integrated across agency buying teams and away from trade desks

There are still battles unfortunately when it comes to mobile, open auctions, and data. When it comes to mobile, there are no cookies to play with, and everything is based off of device IDs. When it comes to open auctions, folks have to pay verification costs, there is a lack of control and insight into inventory placement, and there is no first look inventory. And last but not least is the issue with data. For starters, there is limited scale among top performing strategies. And we can’t forget the competition for audiences since 3rd party data is available to everyone.

It was a great day overall, and we cannot wait for the next session!

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