, Apr 04, 18

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How the Grapeshot Contextual Intelligence Platform Powers Standard Targeting

Context is important. Even the best content is lost if it doesn’t reach consumers in the moment that they are most engaged. Done follow your target audience based on past behavior; be a part of the conversation, live and in real-time.

Grapeshot Contextual Intelligence Platform interprets the content on a web page to determine the most relevant contexts for your message, in real-time. Grapeshot’s standard segments have been curated by a team of expert linguists to ensure relevancy. As a pre-bid page level solution, Grapeshot is one of the industry’s most advanced provider of cookieless audience targeting technology.


  • Transparent – No black boxes. Look into any of our segments so you can be confident that your brand is targeting the right environments. We also offer custom segments to give the agency complete control.
  • Accurate – No human bias or error, Grapeshot contextual targeting will analyze every word on a web page to identify the most important keywords to focus on, rather than look up words from a dictionary with no understanding as to why they are appearing on that page.
  • Speed and Scale – Grapeshot analyzes 200m web pages daily and categorizes 3 million per second. We understand what content is on the web and act in real-time.
  • Cookieless – In light of GDPR regulations, simply and safely drive reach and audience discovery at scale with Grapeshot cookieless contextual targeting.


  • Standard segments curated for scale.
  • Target high worth audiences with greater value inventory.
  • Page level targeting, keyword-level granularity and transparency.


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