, May 03, 15

About grapeshot

Grapeshot keyword technology is usually used to deliver the right audience, at the right time in the right context. That’s to say adjacent to relevant content. Here’s a case study using the Turn platform , where a quality environment also played a part in driving performance.

French agency adcleek, in partnership with TheMediaWorkshop has a French heater manufacturer client Atlantic. They recently ran a campaign to promote their French made, environmentally friendly range of heaters. It was a brand campaign with a key metric of visits to the Atlantic website.

Atlantic were keen to appear in the right context, to talk to audiences in the right frame of mind but also in brand enhancing environments.

adcleek built two custom channels “Made in France” and “Energy”. They compared results to the campaign average and another contextual supplier.


The combination of TURN and Grapeshot’s keyword technology delivered high quality context in a safe environment. Ads ran next to relevant content in a range of publications including Le Monde and Figaro. Not surprisingly, Grapeshot CTR beat the campaign average with the Made in France channel delivering a CTR of 0.07%, over 25% better than the average across the campaign.

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