Best In Class

Grapeshot is best in class. By constantly updating machine learning to update the choice and weights of words and phrases, each of our segmentations are kept current and precise. For example, our brand safety segments organize the entirety of programmatic bid streams using choice words and concepts that protect each brand at every turn on every page.

The need for domain black or white lists is gone. You can reach safe and relevant consumer touch points in an easy, transparent and granular way, optimizing reach to any page and the quality of consumer experience on that page. Best-in-Class.


A core benefit of super fast data processing is the ability to create custom segments to match the specific needs of your campaign. Build your own segment in seconds, in the knowledge that you will only be bidding on content suited to your campaign and completely brand safe from toxic environments.

Grapeshot offers all standard IAB Brand Safety segments.

You can see the keywords that build each segment and map corresponding URLs

Each segment is kept up to date with breaking news by editorial experts

Dynamic pages are recognized, recrawled and categorized

Custom segments can be built, by selecting Keywords that exclude content specifically toxic to your brand’s needs

Instant Brand Protection

Grapeshot Keyword Avoidance provides instant brand protection from damaging content.  Simply choose to “exclude keyword” in our custom segments, and any pages matching excluded keywords will be automatically removed from the bid-stream.

Expert Partnerships

While Grapeshot excludes much fraudulent traffic, we partner with third party authenticated impression experts, MOAT, to offer a complete viewability solution.