Insight Through Integration

Our Grapeshot Signal™ API allows you to insert our signal into your own data sets, audience segments, reporting, and analytics systems via a variety of integration methods: from asynchronous period batch uploads to super-low latency synchronous SaaS feeds. Technology Providers use us to leverage WordRank™ to enhance 1st party data collection, DMP (Data Management Platform) inputs, improve consumer analytic insights and optimize advertiser campaign goals and marketer strategy.

The page URL is a valuable data asset in digital; WordRank™ describes the rich context of this single consumer touchpoint.

Unpacking the URL into WordRank™ weighted words and phrases, unlocks the ability to find related media, to uncover the interests of every user linked to the context of that impression, and to both profile and discover custom look-a-like audiences. WordRank™ and adaptive word weights help to constantly refine and improve the consumer experience and media messaging.